Brooks Life Sciences Unveils New Formats of the Fully Automated Capping and Decapping Instruments for Sample Tubes

November 14, 2018
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Chelmsford, MA – November 14, 2018 – In a focused move to better serve their customers, Brooks Life Sciences is expanding their product line with fully automated capping and de-capping instruments for large format sample tubes. Introducing the IntelliXcap™ 24 and IntelliXcap™ 48 Capper/Decappers.


Specifically engineered for increased throughput, ease of use and high system reliability, the IntelliXcap is the ideal system for any laboratory managing biological samples.  These new instruments offer fully automated whole rack capping and decapping capabilities for common sample tubes storing biological samples and compounds for 24 or 48 Society for Biomolecular Screening (SBS) format tubes, such as 2ml & 4ml cryo tubes. The IntelliXcap products feature a unique interchangeable cartridge system to handle multiple tube types from a range of manufacturers.  



“These products offer the same proven technology as the IntelliXcap 96,” explained Brooks Life Sciences Senior Product Manager, Leigh Carter. “And the 24 and 48-way IntelliXcaps are the only fully automated whole rack capper and decappers with interchangeable cap driver cartridges available in the industry.”


The IntelliXcap features offer a range of benefits to promote significant workflow efficiency, reduce cross contamination, improve sample integrity and avoid repetitive strain injury (RSI) risk.  This instrument is ideal for all laboratories managing compounds, biological samples and essential for storing samples at cryogenic temperatures where using the correct torque on capping tubes is crucial to achieve the required seal.


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