The benchmark in sample management.

Sample management is a complex process. Research samples are often collected in many locations and may be transported, stored, processed, and analyzed by multiple vendors. This fragmented approach to sample management can lead to spiraling sample storage costs, slow sample retrieval times, data management difficulties, and poor chain of custody.

Enter Sample Hub. This complete, integrated sample management solution solves these issues. Sample Hub collects, transports, processes, and analyzes samples within one global, interconnected platform. Our experts work with you to customize the suite of services to your individual sample management needs.

Sample Hub™ Integrated Lifecycle Management

Our integrated, modular services can be customized in any combination to meet your evolving sample management needs. This includes managing active clinical trials, storing archive samples, and managing future studies.

Sample Hub Lifecycle


Future studies

Certified facilities, standardized protocols, and highly-trained staff simplify the process of running multi-country trials or multiple clinical trials. By consolidating samples within the Sample Hub platform, biopharmaceutical companies can easily repurpose samples for future studies to accelerate clinical trial timelines and reduce costs.

Active Clinical Trials

We can assist with all stages of active clinical trial sample management, including patient consent, sample collection kits, logistics, sample storage, vendor management, and lab services. Stored samples can be retrieved and dispatched within 24 hours. Sample Hub simplifies vendor relationships by sending samples to specialty labs, central labs, or CROs as required. This integrated approach minimizes sample handling delays and maintains sample integrity, chain of condition, chain of identity, and chain of custody.

Archive Samples

It can be challenging to store large archive sample inventories over long periods. Sample Hub provides secure, audited offsite storage solutions with swift sample retrieval. Our interconnected multi-country biorepositories, real-time tracking of sample conditions, and inbuilt system redundancies all mitigate disaster risk and maintain long-term sample integrity.


Sample Hub Services

Sample hub

Storage Offsite/Onsite: Offsite, onsite, and hybrid storage solutions come with complete cold-chain storage, audit trail tracking, and chain of custody. Trained and qualified staff follow industry-leading operations and quality control processes. We store over 200 sample types, including human and animal biological samples, biological reagents, active pharmaceutical ingredients, research materials, and agricultural plants.


Laboratory Services: Diverse clinical and discovery bioprocessing services include assay development, sample preparation and extraction, tissue and pathology services, genetic and genomic analytics, cell culture and stem cell services, and bioinformatics. We also work with an extensive list of vendors to offer customized laboratory services.


Consent Coding and De-identification: De-identification is an important part of protecting patient/donor privacy. We offer a full range of de-identification and consent coding services for all sample types. Services follow best practices and international regulatory guidelines. Sample Hub can also store all types of sample-associated data within our audited, regulatory-compliant system.


Collection Kits: Based on your current and future research needs, we customize sample collection kits and services such as consulting, study design, logistics, and complete project management of sample collection . This allows you to maximize downstream use of sample assets.


Consulting: Expert consultants can help with all aspects of sample collection and management. This includes logistics paths, risk mitigation for samples stored onsite or offsite, governance/access models, and effective quality management systems to meet accreditation requirements. We can also help design a customized global management strategy for each sample type or an entire inventory. This will optimize sample utilization, reduce your sample management costs, accelerate clinical research timelines, and maximize the life of your samples.


Business Continuity: Every life science organization needs a contingency plan for unforeseen events such as equipment failure, power loss, faulty technology, and natural disasters. We work with clients to identify critical assets and develop business continuity and disaster recovery planning for research samples.


Informatics and Technical Solutions: The Sample Hub platform offers 24/7 visibility to sample inventory data, consolidation of third-party sample data, secure and compliant audit trail reporting, flexible tracking, web-based retrieval, and shipping within 24 hours of request.


Logistics and Relocation: Internationally certified staff and facilities manage all sample logistics including tracking, temperature-controlled packaging, dry ice supply, re-icing samples, and documentation assistance. All our staff undergo IATA, US DOT, and ADR training and certification. If you need to relocate samples, regulated chemicals, laboratory animals or an entire laboratory, our fleet of custom-built trucks and professional drivers provide safe, legal, and regulatory-compliant transport and relocation services for biological and chemical collections stored under all temperature conditions.


Project Management: Sample Hub experts can help plan and manage any sample-related projects including complete virtual sample inventory management regardless of storage location. Count on our expertise with running active and future clinical trials, relocating sample inventories, implementing quality management systems, risk assessment and disaster management, and data management.

Key Features

Flexible, Integrated Services: The range of integrated services can be customized to meet your individual sample management needs.


Regulatory Compliance: Facilities and processes comply with international regulatory requirements, including FDA-approval, CAP, and CLIA certification to help clients navigate the complex international regulatory landscape. Brooks is also certified by DEKRA for our facilities in Indianapolis, IN and Griesheim, Germany for long term sample storage at temperatures ranging from controlled room temperature to -190 degrees Celsius including cold chain logistics management of sample shipments along with basic sample preparation services.


True Best Practices: Our comprehensive sample lifecycle management solutions have been developed around 150 industry best-practices, many of which we set as the industry benchmark for excellence.


Real-Time Sample Tracking: Proprietary sample tracking software gives customers 24/7 access to sample inventory and shipment audit trails, whether the samples reside in one of our facilities or another location.


Rapid Sample Access:  Rapid retrieval and shipment of samples across the globe means your sample is available for testing within one business day.

Biorepository Locations
  • Indianapolis, IN
  • Bronx, NY
  • El Segundo, CA
  • Fresno CA
  • Montreal, QC
  • Griesheim, Germany
  • Singapore
  • Beijing, China