BioStorage™ Technologies Biorepository and Biobanking Solutions

Biostorage Technologies

The sample is everything. So we manage the complete lifecycle of 200+ types of biological samples and store them in temps from 27⁰ C to -190⁰ C.

Our global biobanking solution facilitates your research with country specific or global services.

  • Over 200 sample types
  • Offsite, onsite, and hybrid models
  • Expertly trained and qualified scientific professionals handle samples
  • Industry-leading operations and quality control process
  • Sample consolidations and visibility
  • Audit trail tracking of samples within our FDA 21 CFR Part 11 Compliant  Sample Management System
  • Pioneer of Good Storage Practices (GSP)

Sample Storage Temperatures

The benchmark in sample management.

Biorepositories around the world utilize our state-of-the-art sample storage processes and technologies, including over 250 SOPs for sample management and the most powerful technology system in the industry.

Biorepositories in North America, Canada, Europe, and Asia-Pacific demonstrate consistent processes to efficiently consolidate and optimize your sample assets.

Our people, processes, and technology can also be contracted to support onsite sample management at your facility for quality storage at your research locations.

We protect and store samples of all shapes and sizes.

  • Human/Animal Biologics: Blood, tissue, cells, DNA storage, RNA storage, plasma, forensics, and fluids
  • Drug R&D Components
  • Biological Test Materials: Reagents, liquids, washes, and powders
  • Agricultural Plant Banking
  • Research Materials: Slides, powders, paraffin blocks, and test materials
  • Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API)

Sample Administration Services

We manage the sample from the moment we receive it using processes that protect the identity, integrity and chain-of-condition until a retrieval is requested.


  • Shipment and Sample Tracking
  • Registration
  • Deidentification
  • Retrieval
  • Discard
  • Pathology Report Redaction


Informed Consent

Facilitate access to your stored samples with Informed Consent annotation.

Researchers can only reuse clinical samples for future studies if they know what the samples can be used for. So making fast decisions on sample usage requires permissions and restrictions be annotated in a way that allows easy searchability.

Some of the challenges affecting future use of samples:

  • Evolving regulations
  • Lack of harmonized regional regulations on future use
  • Capturing associated data in a standardized manner
    • Identifiability of specimens
    • Types of research for which specimens can be used
    • Defining if informed consent and ization is required
    • Informed consent and ization waivers
    • Withdrawal of consent or ization
    • Privacy restrictions
    • Genetic research
    • Storage and retention of specimens
    • Transfer of specimens - Import and export
    • Intellectual property - Ownership and commercial use
    • Return of research result

Bring more value to your research.

Don't let your samples sit idle when they can be a valuable resource of material to investigate new hypotheses. We're here to help you manage all the challenges of patient consent. We provide manual review of legacy study consents and integrate data from electronic consents and EDC systems used in the field. This gives you complete information about your samples and permitted uses in a single system. 

  • Eliminate or decrease your operational burden on annotating consent.
  • Build sample intelligence by increasing the accessibility of your existing samples.
  • Speed up and simplify decision making.
  • Honor the gift of the donation made by the participant.
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